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Accelerate the Results You Achieve As a Veteran Organizational Leader, a New Manager, or a Project Team Leader With...

The Leadership Series:
7 Dynamic Discussions with Strategies & Skills to Get the Needed Response & Results From Your Team

Jim Smith
The Executive Happiness Coach®

Skip Weisman
Leadership and Workplace Communication Coach

The issues you guys raised in "The Leadership Series" were spot-on with a lot of what is going on at our company. It was nice to hear that we are not alone in dealing with these organizational personnel performance challenges.

I especially liked the approach and tone you suggest to address the issues, not so motivationally driven but more focused on development of the “person” behind the employee.

Kim Finch, Executive V.P. - Aisle Rocket Advertising

The material was very focused and covered what I exactly needed at my job! I am certain your training will be very useful to many other people.

Keep up the good work!

Mohsen Rassem, Pd.D. PMP, Senior Structural Engineer

Join The Executive Happiness Coach®, Jim Smith & The Leadership & Workplace Communication Expert, Skip Weisman and discover...

  • How to define “leadership” so it makes sense, makes you comfortable and connects with those you lead
  • To master Emotional Intelligence
  • To show up more powerfully in the workplace
  • How to communicate like the effective leader you are and command respect from all levels
  • How to create a positive work environment by showing up as a happy leader
  • How to coach team members so they want your input to get maximum response and results
  • A simple 5-step process to resolve conflict in a positive way
  • Create a motivating environment that lasts and retains your best employees
  • BONUS SESSION: How to Manage the Millenials, the Youngest Generation in the 21st Century Workforce

You will learn all this over 8 recordings, session worksheets & assessments for each module, including:

  • Session 1: Defining Leadership: Understanding Your Role as a Leader & How Other People View You
  • Session 2: Emotional Intelligence: What It Is, How It Works & How You Can Get It
  • Session 3: Communication 101: What You Say, How You Say It & What You Are Doing When You Say It CAN HURT You
  • Session 4: Happiness: The Secret to Key to Effective Leadership
  • Session 5: Coaching: The 4 Essential Coaching Conversations As a Tool for Development
  • Session 6: Managing Conflict: A Positive Process for Working Through the Most Difficult Discussions & Situations
  • Session 7: Creating a Motivating Work Environment: Learn the Truth Behind the Phrase “You Can’t Motivate Anyone”
  • BONUS Session 8: Managing the Millenials: A Field Guide to Get the Most Out of the 21s Centuries Youngest Generation in Your Workplace

Each session is about 45-50 minutes in length and comes with worksheets and assessments you can use over and over again on your leadership journey, including

  • Session 1: The Leadership Assessment: Measure Yourself Against the 100 Key Leadership Traits of Powerful Leaders
  • Session 2: The 5 Step Emotional Mastery Process worksheet and exercise
  • Session 3: Communication Listening Assessment
  • Session 4: Jim Smith’s “Happiness Poster” – 13 Principles of Happiness
  • Session 5: The 4 Coaching Conversations Summary Matrix
  • Session 6: A Conflict Resolution Model with a 5-Step Guideline for Addressing Conflict
  • Session 7: A Workplace Motivational Assessment

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