Audience Testimonials from Skip's Most Recent Conference Presentations!

Herb Satterlee, CEO, talks about the value of Skip customizing the training for his senior management team in October, 2013:

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Jeff Howcroft, V.P. of Education – PMI Northern Utah, Salt Lake City, discusses the value of Skip’s keynote address at its annual Professional Development Conference & the Region 1 Leadership Conference the Chapter hosted in 2013:

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We were thrilled with your presentation, as were our members. I have heard tremendous positive feedback!

Marsha Gordon, President/CEO - Business Council of Westchester in White Plains, NY

I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and I’ve heard great feedback from our conference attendees. You’ve offered our chapter & event tremendous value!

Randall Smith, PMP - President, PMI_Northern Utah

“You were my favorite presenter of the conference (next to the magician) as I love that you actually gave us 7 tools and discussed each one fully. Your program was an eye opener to see how much we are unconsciously communicating incorrectly. Plus, you made it a lot of fun!”
Jean Rowe – Human Resources Manager
United Helpers Management Co. – Ogdensburg, NY

“This is the greatest presentation I have attended on communication. I read Skip’s white paper last year and wanted to see your presentation in person. I can’t wait to share it with others! Thanks, Skip”
Carole Heard
Tyler Technologies

“Skip Weisman is an invigorating presenter that provided me with very useful information & tools to use both personally and in the workplace!”
Jean-Marie Gillette
Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union – Poughkeepsie, NY

“Skip’s program was enlightening to not only see how I communicate but also that of my co-workers!”
Melissa Cole, Region HR Manager
First Transit – Horseheads, NY

“Energetic & enthusiastic speaker, Skip holds the audience’s attention from beginning to end!”
Deborah Springfield, Director of Human Resources
Century Savings Bank

“Very powerful program!”
Julie Hart, Human Resources Business Partner
APD, Inc.

“Many of my colleagues in our corporate office would greatly benefit from this type of session!”
Mary Gorman, Director of Human Resources
Montblanc, North America

“Skip’s session was enlightening and informative! I realized that I’ve been participating in communication in my life that is ineffective!”
Jim Bowers
Central Hudson Gas & Electric – Poughkeepsie, NY

“Skip’s program was an eye opener!”
Stephen Steiner, HR Manager
S and B Industrial Minerals

“I felt that Skip’s program and content was definitely something I could share with my colleague!”
Ashley Espel, HR Manager
AMRI Global – Albany, NY

“This was an excellent presentation that I can immediately use to improve my workplace environment!”
Carolyn Haines
Rhinebeck Bank – Poughkeepsie, NY

“Brought to light many issues occurring in my organization that I did not realize!”
Kim Lees, HR Manager
Dawson Metal Co., Inc. – Jamestown, NY

“Skip’s program was very informative and clear. His personable discussion wit hte audience gave me the feeling that I made a good choice to attend this session and topic!”
Mary Ann Marino, HR Generalist
Manheim Albany – Clifton Park, NY

“Skip’s presentation wasn’t just helpful for me to understand how others communicate poorly, but how I communicate poorly as well and can improve myself!”
Debi Marshall, HR Generalist
Upper New York Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

“Skip, I got great value in your seminar at the NYS SHRM Conference. I actually applied one of the strategies you suggested in my communication today and it worked well!”
Cheri Phillips, HR Director
Apple Rubber Products – Buffalo, NY

“Skip’s simple, direct and clear approach to the delivery of this training makes it memorable and people are most likely to act on the advice to make improvements!”
Ima Bujak, PhD, PMP

“Very informative, dynamic and entertaining at the same time. Great content and presentation. Skip kept the audience engaged the whole time!”
Katina Iyer

“Skip, your presentation on communication at the Tampa Bay PMI Chapter Symposium was thought provoking and engaging I realized that my team and I practice ineffective communication more frequently than I had previously believes. I have been able to immediately improve how I communicate with my team and stakeholders in the days following your seminar for PMI Tampa Bay!”
Catherine Magliocco, Project Manager
Tampa Electric Company

“I attended Skip’s talk at the Tampa Bay PMI Symposium and have to say he is an excellent speaker and he related the items in his topic to us in a way that I can take immediate action from what I learned!”
Jagruti Ajvalia, Sr. Tech Project Manager

“I can see how our leadership team can improve our focus, efficiency and trust across all departments!”
Kim Knorowski
Booz Allen Hamilton

“Very practical session. Skip’s ideas on communication can be applied to all situations!”
Noah Gyimab
JP Morgan Chase

“Excellent material that can help my project management leadership skills!”
Ronald Gachette
JP Morgan Chase

“Skip was spot on – he delivered a clear, focused message!”
Christy Purdy
Raymond James Financial

“Great job, Skip!” (and no “buts” here!)
Mclane Evans
Cardno Entrix

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