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“Skip, I delivered my reconstructed presentation in Omaha yesterday and it went very well. A few people said it was amazing! The ideas you suggested added a completely new dimension in my ability to interact with my audience and to connect on a much deeper level.   I wanted to really thank you for letting me know that you could assist me in my presentations, and that your coaching definitely paid off.”RichardShapiro

Richard Shapiro, CEO
The Center for Client Retention, Inc.

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"Your coaching, in just a few weeks, has given both my business model and my speeches more structure than ever. In my most recent presentation, it was significantly noticeable how using your concept of the “Big Bang” opening, I was able to connect more quickly and deeply with my audience!”jeanbaur

Jean Baur, Author & Professional Speaker


Imagine, stepping off the stage after presenting to an audience of 1,500 people, the largest audience you've ever spoken to, by far.

You're excited because you just received a standing ovation and dozens of people are coming up to you saying how much they were impacted by your speech.

Then, the next day, you're at the airport on an extended layover flying home wondering if you had an impact on anyone beyond that short time you were on stage.

After 17  years as a business professional having given hundreds of presentations in front of audiences no larger than 100 at a local civic organization, I developed a belief that great speakers are born and not made, and I was certainly one of those not blessed with the "great, inspiring speaker gene."

Then, sitting at the gate in Terminal C at the Detroit Airport I checked my email. Less than 12 hours after leaving the stage, there was a Google Alert with my name attached to a news item.

Clicking the link I found an article by a blogger who happened to be in the audience. Below is what I paraphrased from what the article for a testimonial he offered me after we spoke about his experience with my presentation:




Maybe I did have that "great, inspiring speaker gene" in me, after all?

You see genes are like seeds, they need to be watered and cared for, my "great, inspiring speaker gene just needed to be nurtured.

But, it took inspiration from outside myself to help me fulfill my aspirations as a professional speaker. Because over those first 17 years, because of the old belief I had developed, every time I spoke it was like Ground Hog Day.

You know, the same experience over and over again?

Then, I found myself in an audience with 2,000 other people watching and listening to someone whom I believed to be the greatest speaker I had ever experienced.

He was a telling a story about how he got started and how he wasn't a natural speaker at all but he learned how to become a dynamic presenter.

It inspired me to learn the craft of public presentations that could impact an audience. That was in 1998.

The speech Mark Curtis experienced was 2009.

It took 11 years, but I got there.

Ever since, I've been inspired every time I step on the stage knowing I can impact people's lives.

Some will let me know, others will just take what they've heard and apply it on their own.

Either way I know I'm making a difference.

Having spent 10s of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours studying and practicing the craft of public speaking and learning from the coaching of some of the best speakers in the industry, including 1999 World Champion of Speaking Craig Valentine, I'm confident you can become a world class presenter yourself.


Whether you want to:

  • inspire others from the stage,
  • influence a team of peers to accept and implement your ideas,
  • sell a product or service to your most important clientele, or
  • impress your boss in front of his boss and your peers.

You can learn simple, easy to apply, world class speaking strategies that will set you apart when we work together on Level 3 of The 3 Levels of Communication Influence (see info-graphic to the right).

When you become part of the Presentation Power for Leaders Community, you will also study, practice, and implement the two levels of Communication Power that will create a powerful foundation for you to accelerate your results with Presentation Power!

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"Skip’s speaking coaching transformed my ability to connect and influence any audience. His approach ripped the blinders off how I saw a speech so that I make it all about what the audience wants to learn and not just about what I want to speak about. (con't.)⇒

Sriram Rajagopalan, Vice President of Training & Operational Excellence
Aptus Health

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Aspiring presenters learn the key to Presentation Power comes down to just two contexts of presenting they need to invest time and energy developing:

  • Delivering valuable, helpful content that matches their audiences' needs;
  • Being an enjoyable presenter audiences want to listen to.

At the end of our presentation that is really what we are all evaluated on, isn't it?

Think about your experience with presenters and programs you've been exposed to, isn't that what you hope for when you take your seat?

Review the 4-quadrant grid below and plot yourself where you think you are as of today? Which quadrant on the grid do you aspire to?

"Both are important for the speaker and the audience, BUT Skip showed me how to deliver the former while speaking about the latter.

"For my most recent presentations my typical ratings went the high 3s and low 4s, I got a solid 4.8 out of 5.

Thanks, Skip for all your help! I definitely recommend your speaking coaching to others!”

Sriram Rajagopalan, Vice President of Training & Operational Excellence
Aptus Health


So, aspiring presenters in the Presentation Power training will study, practice and master The 4 C's of Presentation Power:

  • CREATE compelling content;
  • CONSTRUCT the content for impact & influence;
  • COMMAND an audience's attention with powerful delivery techniques;
  • CONNECT to the audience with personable, engaging style.

"Skip's presentation was a great combination of practicality and inspiration!"

Alyson Pitman, Privacy & Data Breach Manager
Regional Bank, SE United States

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